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Dictionar Universal Ultimele cuvinte cautate
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  1. usa dulghereasca; (min) usa de aeraj [ro-fr]
  2. lagging crankshaft [en-ro teh]
  3. autoinductanta, coeficient de autoindu [ro-fr]
  4. celula cu coeficient de transfer varia [ro-fr]
  5. cifra | coeficient de duritate, valoar [ro-fr]
  6. coeficient (de cuplaj) [ro-fr]
  7. coeficient (de neuniformitate) i(a) vi [ro-fr]
  8. coeficient | constanta multiplicativa [ro-fr]
  9. coeficient | factor de compresibilitat [ro-fr]
  10. coeficient | factor de corectie [ro-fr]
  11. coeficient | factor de cuplaj [ro-fr]
  12. coeficient | factor de devialie [ro-fr]
  13. coeficient | factor de forma [ro-fr]
  14. coeficient | factor de interactiune [ro-fr]
  15. coeficient | factor de oboseala [ro-fr]
  16. coeficient | factor de proportionalita [ro-fr]
  17. coeficient | factor de rezistenta [ro-fr]
  18. coeficient | factor de supratensiune,f [ro-fr]
  19. coeficient | grad | factor de modulati [ro-fr]
  20. coeficient | grad de aciditate [ro-fr]
  21. coeficient | grad de asimetrie [ro-fr]
  22. coeficient | grad de rugozitate [ro-fr]
  23. coeficient | grad de saturatie [ro-fr]
  24. out of plumb [en-ro exp]
  25. weight of chassis [en-ro teh]
  26. tune out [en-ro teh]
  27. put de drenaj; (min) put de secare [ro-fr]
  28. put de secare [ro-fr]
  29. put de secare [ro-fr]
  30. have a package on, to [en-ro jrg]
  31. package [en-ro jrg]
  32. as annealed tensile strength [en-ro teh]
  33. t.s. (tensile strength) [en-ro teh]
  34. tensile strength [en-ro teh]
  35. ultimate tensile strength [en-ro teh]
  36. fan cowling | shroud [en-ro teh]
  37. laid shroud rope [en-ro teh]
  38. shroud [en-ro teh]
  39. exhibition [en-ro]
  40. outsider [en-ro]
  41. after cooler [en-ro teh]
  42. bedight [en-ro]
  43. stiff saw [en-ro teh]
  44. oscillatory surge [en-ro teh]
  45. tackiness [en-ro teh]
  46. arunca(o scrisoare la cutie) [ro-en]
  47. boneless [en-ro]
  48. baselessness [en-ro]
  49. outlet tube [en-ro teh]
  50. mother vat [en-ro teh]
  51. padurar [ro-it]
  52. softened water [en-ro teh]
  53. bottom-discharge conduit [en-ro teh]
  54. stroke smb. Down, to [en-ro exp]
  55. spill valve [en-ro teh]
  56. jump together, to [en-ro exp]
  57. backstay rope [en-ro teh]
  58. balance rope [en-ro teh]
  59. band rope [en-ro teh]
  60. black rope [en-ro teh]
  61. button rope conveyor [en-ro teh]
  62. carrying rope [en-ro teh]
  63. continuous rope drive [en-ro teh]
  64. crane rope [en-ro teh]
  65. drag rope [en-ro teh]
  66. guide rope [en-ro teh]
  67. guy rope [en-ro teh]
  68. hauling rope [en-ro teh]
  69. hawser-laid rope [en-ro teh]
  70. hemp rope [en-ro teh]
  71. hoisting rope [en-ro teh]
  72. holding rope [en-ro teh]
  73. hook and handle rope [en-ro teh]
  74. idler rope sheave [en-ro teh]
  75. laid rope [en-ro teh]
  76. rope [en-ro teh]
  77. hinged cover [en-ro teh]
  78. used-up [en-ro]
  79. dogwood [en-ro]
  80. dirt, to hit the [en-ro jrg]
  81. near the bone | knuckle [en-ro exp]
  82. wooden nail [en-ro teh]
  83. baggage man [en-ro jrg]
  84. convection cooling [en-ro teh]
  85. look alive ! [en-ro exp]
  86. bag filtering | filtration [en-ro teh]
  87. dirt [en-ro teh]
  88. dirt coefficient [en-ro teh]
  89. dirt pits [en-ro teh]
  90. dirt removal [en-ro teh]
  91. dirt trap [en-ro teh]
  92. gate for collecting slag and dirt [en-ro teh]
  93. winding wire [en-ro teh]
  94. bioxid de azot, hipoazotida [ro-fr]
  95. dishabille [en-ro]
  96. fellows' gear shaper [en-ro teh]
  97. carne zvantata [ro-fr]
  98. handle smb. with kid gloves, to [en-ro exp]
  99. command module [en-ro]
  100. module [en-ro]

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