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  1. cantitate stoechiometrica de aer (cant [ro-fr]
  2. collar bone [en-ro]
  3. rationalization [en-ro]
  4. adequation of stress [en-ro teh]
  5. actual stress [en-ro teh]
  6. admissible stress [en-ro teh]
  7. allowable stress [en-ro teh]
  8. alternating stress [en-ro teh]
  9. alternating stress [en-ro teh]
  10. alternating stress number [en-ro teh]
  11. alternating stress test [en-ro teh]
  12. axial stress [en-ro teh]
  13. bending stress [en-ro teh]
  14. bending tensile stress [en-ro teh]
  15. bending-stress durability [en-ro teh]
  16. bending-stress durability [en-ro teh]
  17. blow stress [en-ro teh]
  18. bond stress [en-ro teh]
  19. boom stress [en-ro teh]
  20. boundary stress field [en-ro teh]
  21. breaking stress [en-ro teh]
  22. breaking stress in tension [en-ro teh]
  23. buckling stress [en-ro teh]
  24. stress [en-ro teh]
  25. turkey poult [en-ro]
  26. cold strain [en-ro teh]
  27. brain drain [en-ro]
  28. drain [en-ro]
  29. drain away [en-ro]
  30. drain into [en-ro]
  31. effluent drain [en-ro]
  32. tile-drain [en-ro]
  33. turf drain [en-ro]
  34. watch buoy [en-ro teh]
  35. -stress [en-ro]
  36. bursting strain [en-ro teh]
  37. compression strain [en-ro teh]
  38. linger out [en-ro]
  39. suction dryer [en-ro teh]
  40. linger on [en-ro]
  41. tube of steam gauge [en-ro teh]
  42. electric transducer [en-ro teh]
  43. alternating strain [en-ro teh]
  44. sell one's birthright (for a mess of pottage), to [en-ro exp]
  45. D. Th(col) [en-ro]
  46. racket about [en-ro]
  47. primary stress [en-ro]
  48. circular function [en-ro teh]
  49. breaking strain [en-ro teh]
  50. anchor buoy [en-ro teh]
  51. bending strain [en-ro teh]
  52. bending strain load [en-ro teh]
  53. Iranian [en-ro]
  54. function element [en-ro teh]
  55. compressing strain [en-ro teh]
  56. axes of strain [en-ro teh]
  57. bonded strain gauge [en-ro teh]
  58. casting strain | stress [en-ro teh]
  59. coefficient of compressive strain [en-ro teh]
  60. contraction strain [en-ro teh]
  61. cooling strain [en-ro teh]
  62. counting strain gauge [en-ro teh]
  63. creep strain [en-ro teh]
  64. crippling strain [en-ro teh]
  65. crushing strain [en-ro teh]
  66. dummy strain-gauge [en-ro teh]
  67. dynamic strain recording equipment [en-ro teh]
  68. strain [en-ro teh]
  69. steam gauge [en-ro teh]
  70. marker buoy [en-ro teh]
  71. secondary stress [en-ro]
  72. fog nozzle [en-ro teh]
  73. cable buoy [en-ro teh]
  74. ebullioscopic constant [en-ro teh]
  75. protection racket [en-ro]
  76. poke poky poogie [en-ro jrg]
  77. intensity of bending stress [en-ro teh]
  78. linear distribution of bending stress [en-ro teh]
  79. repeated bending stress strength [en-ro teh]
  80. repeated bending stress test [en-ro teh]
  81. composite function [en-ro teh]
  82. whistling buoy [en-ro teh]
  83. linger over [en-ro]
  84. near upon [en-ro]
  85. buoy [en-ro teh]
  86. light buoy [en-ro teh]
  87. re-strain [en-ro]
  88. cabinet shell [en-ro teh]
  89. d. t. [en-ro]
  90. reversed stress [en-ro]
  91. stress [en-ro]
  92. deluge [en-ro]
  93. crank bearing [en-ro teh]
  94. chance coincidence [en-ro teh]
  95. tennis racket [en-ro]
  96. linger [en-ro]
  97. linger upon [en-ro]
  98. indexing position [en-ro teh]
  99. principiul minimei rezistente [ro-fr]
  100. frighten smb. out of doing smth., to [en-ro exp]

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