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  1. binding cloth [en-ro teh]
  2. flexible sheeting [en-ro teh]
  3. get smb. out of the way of doing smth., to [en-ro exp]
  4. boring socket [en-ro teh]
  5. to come to | to meet a stiff end [en-ro exp]
  6. he hasn't acted properly ; still , he is your friend and you ought to help him [en-ro exp]
  7. to come to a stillstand [en-ro exp]
  8. not to have a stitch to one's back [en-ro exp]
  9. to bring to a stop [en-ro exp]
  10. to come to a stop [en-ro exp]
  11. to put a stop to [en-ro exp]
  12. get smb. | smth. off one's hands, to [en-ro exp]
  13. get smb. | smth. off on the right foot, to [en-ro exp]
  14. get smb. | smth. of on the wrong foot, to [en-ro exp]
  15. get smb. off the hook, to [en-ro exp]
  16. get smb. | smth. off to a bad | poor start, to [en-ro exp]
  17. get smb. | smth. off to a good | flying start, to [en-ro exp]
  18. get smb. off to sleep, to [en-ro exp]
  19. get smb. | smth. on his | its feet (again), to [en-ro exp]
  20. get smb. on the hip, to [en-ro exp]
  21. get smb. | smth. on the move, to [en-ro exp]
  22. get smb. out of a fix | mess | scrape, to [en-ro exp]
  23. get smb. out of debt, to [en-ro exp]
  24. get smb. | smth. out of one's system, to [en-ro exp]
  25. as for | to [en-ro exp]
  26. hammer out an excuse, to [en-ro exp]
  27. fairy lady [en-ro jrg]
  28. spark erosion [en-ro teh]
  29. bottle draining [en-ro teh]
  30. draining [en-ro teh]
  31. draining chest [en-ro teh]
  32. draining off [en-ro teh]
  33. draining out [en-ro teh]
  34. draining pipe [en-ro teh]
  35. draining plant [en-ro teh]
  36. sludge dewatering | draining [en-ro teh]
  37. flexible air line [en-ro teh]
  38. ball socket [en-ro teh]
  39. spur teeth grommet [en-ro teh]
  40. heeling experiment [en-ro teh]
  41. flexible gear(ing) [en-ro teh]
  42. flexible tube [en-ro teh]
  43. flexible (steel) rule [en-ro teh]
  44. isolator handle [en-ro teh]
  45. ball-and-socket [en-ro teh]
  46. ball-and-socket gear control | shifting [en-ro teh]
  47. ball-and-socket joint | hinge [en-ro teh]
  48. base-plate socket [en-ro teh]
  49. cable shoe | socket [en-ro teh]
  50. castellated socket-headed cap screw [en-ro teh]
  51. copper jaw socket [en-ro teh]
  52. cushioned socket [en-ro teh]
  53. drill sleeve | socket [en-ro teh]
  54. fishing socket [en-ro teh]
  55. fishing-valve socket [en-ro teh]
  56. friction socket [en-ro teh]
  57. fuse socket [en-ro teh]
  58. ground-in ball-and-socket joint [en-ro teh]
  59. half-turn socket [en-ro teh]
  60. jack body | support | socket [en-ro teh]
  61. key socket [en-ro teh]
  62. lamp socket [en-ro teh]
  63. socket [en-ro teh]
  64. control handle [en-ro teh]
  65. drag classifier [en-ro teh]
  66. flexible rubber lining [en-ro teh]
  67. television viewer [en-ro]
  68. staggered bank of tubes [en-ro teh]
  69. bank of tubes [en-ro teh]
  70. retaining spring [en-ro teh]
  71. Expo [en-ro]
  72. exp. [en-ro]
  73. plate scrap [en-ro]
  74. he smiled at | on me [en-ro exp]
  75. lumina inactinica [ro-fr]
  76. armature coil [en-ro teh]
  77. balancing coil [en-ro teh]
  78. blast coil assembly [en-ro teh]
  79. bleeding coil [en-ro teh]
  80. cage coil [en-ro teh]
  81. caned coil spring [en-ro teh]
  82. coil [en-ro teh]
  83. "coil ""opening"" machine" [en-ro teh]
  84. coil (of) pipe [en-ro teh]
  85. coil banding machine [en-ro teh]
  86. coil breaks [en-ro teh]
  87. coil clutch [en-ro teh]
  88. coil condenser [en-ro teh]
  89. coil conveyer [en-ro teh]
  90. coil cooler B [en-ro teh]
  91. coil cooling conveyer [en-ro teh]
  92. coil downending machine [en-ro teh]
  93. coil heat-exchanger [en-ro teh]
  94. coil pitch [en-ro teh]
  95. coil spring [en-ro teh]
  96. coil transfer car [en-ro teh]
  97. case-hardening material | powder [en-ro teh]
  98. parting medium | powder [en-ro teh]
  99. softened water [en-ro teh]
  100. get outside of, to [en-ro jrg]

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